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CompSysGrp is now celebrating over 20 Years of Excellence. CompSysGrp's mission is to supply Quality and Affordable practice management software and systems
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At Medical Office Solutions, we are committed to bringing quality electronic medical records (EHR) products, services, and solutions. Our highly qualified and experienced staff is specialized in the field of EHR consulting. Medical Office Solutions will help you determine which EHR solution is ideal for your practice and office. Choose from our wide array of affordable medical charting software. We also offer training and support on elite, industry leading products like Lytec Medical Billing software, iPatientcare, BillFlash.

To learn more information, Medical Office Solutions invites you to browse through our articles on EHR and practice management systems and solutions.


Dragon NaturallySpeaking® is the award-winning recognized leader worldwide for Natural Speech Recognition.  With up to 99% accuracy, Dragon NaturallySpeaking®  Solutions make dictating records and correspondence a breeze.   Dragon has a variety of advanced products that deliver superior speech recognition solutions for professionals in medicine.


Lytec Practice Management (a McKesson product) is a windows based medical billing products designed for medical offices and medical billing services. This software is based on the powerful Windows SQL and Crystal Reports, we believe this is the best practice management solution for physicians and medical billing services wanting in-house systems.  This latest version provides increased processing, reporting and Patient Eligibility tools for better office productivity.  Lytec Systems has over 25,000 systems sold. We have been supplying Lytec products for over 20 years, with clients coast to coast. 

NOW with Lytec® Claims Manager an all Inclusive service that includes front-end Real-Time claims scrubbing, Real-Time claims status for available payers, Unlimited Electronic Claims submission and Reject Management, Unlimited ERA, Eligibility (up to 500 per provider) and Paper Claims (up to 150 per provider; $0.43 per claim thereafter). Correct Coding Initiative/Local Medicare Review Policy (CCI/LMRP) editing is available as an optional add-on service. With CCI/LMRP edits (this is often referred to as “Clinical Claims Scrubbing”), you will be able to verify the clinical coding aspects of the claim per Correct Coding Initiative (CCI) guidelines. Additionally, this service will compare claims against Local Medicare Review Policy (LMRP) edits.


Electronic Eligibility Verification - This service enables providers to submit either batch or single real-time requests for patient eligibility status and insurance coverage details. Responses include request validation, patient demographics, member and subscriber ID, coverage status, co-payment, medical groups and primary care physician data.

CompSysGrp has 35 years combined experience supporting Lytec products.




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