CompSysGrp's Online Backup Service provides a totally invisible mode of operation that silently backs up data at scheduled intervals without interrupting the users daily work...keeping assets protected and users productive.

CompSysGrp Online Backup System Features

  •  FastBIT Technology - reduces the average daily backup by OVER 99%
  • Bigger Backups - Unlimited file size and count. CompSysGrp’s Online Backup System supports backing up hundreds of thousands of files per Backup-Set, and file sizes in the terabytes. (one thousand gigabytes)
  • Supports Map Drives - can backup ANY computer that the operating system can see as a mapped (shared) drive letter. Also can backup data on ANY operating system that Windows can see as a mapped drive. This means that you can backup Unix data, Macintosh, AS400, etc.
  • Automatic File Selection for Include/Exclude Files - allows you to select or exclude files for backup based on file extension/types.  For example; to backup all Word documents, select the ".doc" extension.  In addition to backing up existing files, Auto-Select picks up files that are added later and automatically adds them to your backups.
  • Automated scheduling or on-demand backup process with 100% data verification.
  • Support Full, Incremental and Differential Backup types:

·         Incremental – Files will be backed up which have been modified since the last backup. Then, after they are backed up, the files will be marked on the disk as having been backed up.

·         Full – Files will be backed up regardless of whether they have been changed since their last backup.

  • Comprehensive backup logs - All backup and restore transactions are thoroughly logged. You can quickly review and print the logs from the client application.
  • Automatic resume feature
  • Backup open files and databases (Optional) - a utility that enables the CompSysGrp’s backup system to capture open files - even if the files are changing.
  • Silent mode runs backups invisibly in the background
  • Comprehensive, automatic backup scheduling for "hands-free" backups - Clients have the ability to create an unlimited number of backup sets. For example, a backup set containing all data files can be configured to run at the end of each week and another backup set containing a single database file can be configured to run multiple times per day. All file versions will still be immediately available for the user to restore.
  • 24 x 7 x 365 backup and restoration availability
  • Encryption and compression - Users can choose between DES, Triple-DES and Blowfish encryption algorithms
  • Unlimited number of generations of data (7 days default)
  • Easy to use Explorer-like interface
  • Communicate with proxys and firewalls that support the SOCKS4 and SOCKS5 protocols.

CompSysGrp Online Backup System: How it Works

Backing up Data:

·         CompSysGrp’s Online Backup Client is downloaded and installed on the computer (s) to be backed up.

·         At a predetermined time your files are compressed and encrypted, then your encrypted files are transfers to CompSysGrp’s secure storage facility.  

Restoring Data:

  • CompSysGrp’s Online Backup system lets you restore your data using our easy to understand user interface.

·         You simply pick the RESTORE option from the menu, tag the files you want to restore, and then the CompSysGrp’s Online Backup system restores the files.  You have the option of restoring files to their original locations or save files under a new name or location.

  • You will see a list of all restorable files available on our server network. This file listing is sorted by Directory/file Name and Backup Date. You have instant access to restore any version of your data files. - not just the latest version.    

CompSysGrp Online Backup System Supports This Encryption Algorithm.

Secure Blowfish - algorithm uses a 448-bit encryption key and is the most secure of the available algorithms because of the long key length.

Data Centre & Network: 

  • High-capacity UPS

Data Security:

  • Daily Backups

·         Hardware & Software Firewalls

CompSysGrp's Online Backup Service Provides Secure Web Process

There are several places that encryption is used to ensure that the user’s data is secure.


Information transmitted across the Internet, should be encrypted to prevent data interception by malicious persons.   During the initial connection procedure, the client software negotiates a compatible set of encryption methods before sending any user information or data to the server. This ensures that all user communications during the entire backup and restore process are completely encrypted.


Storage on Server

When the encrypted backup data is successful received by the server, it is immediately stored on the disk in the encrypted format and the filenames are further encrypted to make it more difficult for someone to identify the user data on the server. Data stored on the server is encrypted to prevent any unauthorized user from accessing your data files. This also protects the data in the event the physical storage devices are obtained by an unauthorized third party.


Storage on Client

User’s password and other valuable information must be stored on the client computer in order to facilitate the logon process to CompSysGrp's Server. This important information is stored on the client system in an encrypted format that can only be read by the CompSysGrp's client application.


User Authentication

User authentication takes place immediately after the encrypted connection between the client and server is made. The client software sends the username and password to the server to be validated against the Windows NT user database.  Using the Windows NT user database provide a standard secure database of users with the ability to quickly validate users against this database.  This method of user authentication provides a robust and secure method for managing users. 


Using today’s encryption technology and the accessibility of the Internet smaller businesses can enjoy the level of data protection that was by afforded only by large companies. Off-site storage of data provides a safe haven to protect small businesses from catastrophic data loss. 

CompSysGrp's encryption security measures ensure that your company's data remains safe and secure throughout the entire backup and restoration process.

Our online backup service allows you to quickly recover lost files or data, due to viruses, hardware failure, natural disaster, or theft. A Online Backup Service is an important part of a responsible data protection plan. It can make sure your business is safe from the kind of catastrophic failure that can destroy your records so easily.

CompSysGrp Online Backup Pricing.

Contact us to discuss your Backup requirements. Our basic pricing is $50.00 per month for 5GB of storage, billed quarterly. You may pre-pay a year $500.00 ($100.00 savings) This basic package includes monthly CD/DVD's sent to your office with the previous months backup.

Online Backup Services Base Plans
Storage Monthly Annually
5 GB $50.00 $500.00
10 GB $100.00 $1000.00
25 GB* $225.00 $2,250.00
50 GB* $425.00 $4,250.00
100 GB* $800.00 $8,000.00
Additional Pricing
Personal Recovery CD      $25.00 per CD

*requires adequate Upload Speed 



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