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Why should you consider EHR?

Maximize Revenue

±       Eliminate your transcription costs

±       Maximize E & M billing with the E & M Wizard ~ it generates coding based on the history and examination that appear in the note

±       Increased frequency of referral letters will generate a better awareness of your practice

±       Reallocate staff from “paper-work” to office work

Increase Office Efficiency

±       Charting is written, and organized electronically ~ there are no charts to file, no folders to pull, and nothing to misplace

±       Imports new patient demographics from many popular patient accounting programs ~ which avoids the entry duplication between programs

±       Patient history is pulled into separate viewing folders, so you can quickly review things such as Allergies, Past Medical History, Past Complaints, Family History, and Past Medications

±       Prints billing codes as a SuperBill, or directly exports codes to compatible billing software


Maintain Patient Focus

±       Patient records are simultaneously available to each user of your network, so medical records are accessible to the entire staff

±      Medinotes e™ breaks the “paperwork” cycle by charting everything electronically ~ its so simple that you can complete your charting in the exam room with the patient

Minimize Risk

±       Support your billing with complete and thorough documentation to minimize your risk during audits

±       Reduce uncertainties created by illegible charting ~ all Medinotes e™ documents are automatically typed and easy to read, avoiding any confusion about your patient’s care

±       Medinotes e™ has security features such as password protected login, and database backup

±       Database backups can be stored off-site for protection from natural disaster or theft

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