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iPatientCareONC-ACB 2011/2012 certified complete EHRCCHIT Certified® 20119 TEPR Awards - Maximum awards won by any EHRTop Ranking EHR By Ac Group

Why iPatientCare (MCS)

MCS is a leader. It is a leader in medical informatics and healthcare transformation. Since 1997, MCS has been helping physicians by relaying patient information to mobile physicians anywhere anytime.

MCS is an innovative company. It has been a pioneer in bringing mobile healthcare solutions on Palm Pilot and Pocket PC when there were no serious applications available for physicians. It was again MCS which evolved an end-to-end solution for the US Army that captured patient encounter data at the point-of-care, that is, at the battle field and relayed to enterprise IT applications. When it comes to Electronic Health Record solutions for Ambulatory care and Inpatient care, it is MCS which has been leading the revolution since 2004.

MCS is committed to excellence. Whatever MCS does, it does it differently and beautifully! It keeps on improving, enhancing, defying all odds to achieve greater heights. People, processes, and products at MCS are made out of certain substance that exhibits enthusiasm, confidence, and power to influence and lead a change.

MCS is known for the high standards of professional ethics and business practices. There are high roads and other roads to achieve success. MCS takes high roads! It is in MCS’s character and value-system. It is all in DNA. MCS is not against rapid growth yet it fosters the spirit of “slow-and-steady, wins the race”!

MCS is focused on customers. To reach highly fragmented market space of Ambulatory care, MCS has high profile, successful Channel Partners – these are MCS’s direct customers. MCS is focused on customers, and hence, believes in evolving end-to-end integrated solutions. It partners with numerous organizations to evolve a solution centering around MCS products. These business partners are MCS’s associate customers. And, people at MCS make a difference. They are MCS’s internal customers.

MCS is privately held, owned and led by technologists and physicians who thrive very hard to evolve technologies, methods, and product that help physicians control their lives, set their priorities, and help enhance patient care. MCS has grown organically through healthy sales and has been profitable since its inception. What prevails at MCS are common sense, down-to-earth business policies, long-term relationships with its people, customers, and partners. Creating value through long-term investments is MCS’s mantra to success.

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