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iPatientCareONC-ACB 2011/2012 certified complete EHRCCHIT Certified® 20119 TEPR Awards - Maximum awards won by any EHRTop Ranking EHR By Ac Group


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CCHIT 2011 Certification: First Step to be eligible for Stimulus bonus
iPatientCare by MCS users are truly qualified for the Stimulus bonus. Most other Ambulatory EHR products give a guarantee that they will get certified by CCHIT 2011. iPatientCare EHR is already certified! And, this is the difference between a leader and followers.

MCS is a leader in medical informatics, and that is proven by its performance in terms of products and solutions, which are evaluated by the country’s most recognized and independent authorities, such as, CCHIT.

CCHIT Certification judges functionality, security and interoperability…..

Time is to start NOW
MCS users are pro-active. They are already being trained by MCS for using iPatientCare EHR so that iPatientCare users can understand the expectations of Medicare and Medicaid and utilize iPatientCare EHR as a tool to generate and submit Meaningful Use reports efficiently.

iPatientCare users understand that almost everybody would like to ride the bandwagon as time passes by. Hence, they think ahead and start now! iPatientCare EHR and PM is designed to capture appropriate information at appropriate stages to submit reports to CMS with a key stroke! What is needed is the appropriate training and implementation of iPatientCare EHR. Begin now and benefit more…

Early adapters get more!
The Stimulus funds are planned to be disbursed to benefit the early adapters of meaningful use of EHR technology. Physicians who wait and watch for too long would lose up to $20,000! After all, it is $19.2 billion fund. iPatientCare EHR and PM users understand this fact, and hence, they do not lose time. They start today.

Penalties from 2015
Penalties for providers not demonstrating meaningful use of EHR technology will begin after 2015. Why face penalties? Implementing iPatientCare EHR is not difficult. MCS has a team of EHR specialists who are ready to guide iPatientCare users and help them gather data to generate and submit meaningful use reports.

We know that the Stimulus Program can be difficult to understand. For more information about the economic stimulus incentives, contact David Rimi at 310-877-5924

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 was signed into law by President Obama on February 17th 2009.  Contained in this bill is a total of $19.2 B for Healthcare Information Technology called the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH Act).

Beginning in 2011 up to $44,000 in incentive payments will be made available to physicians that can demonstrate “meaningful use” of a “qualified EHR” will be eligible for the funds by Medicare.

The questions are:

  • What is “meaningful use"?
  • What is a “qualified EHR"?

Well, on January 13, 2010, the Government defined “meaningful use” distinctly and the bill has been passed. The “meaningful use” is now defined and is being validated by CCHIT as part of its Comprehensive Track Certification for Ambulatory EHR. As a matter of fact, CCHIT 2011 Certification for Ambulatory EHR comprehensive track makes an EHR “qualified EHR".

iPatientCare EHR from MCS is already certified by CCHIT 2011. In other words, physicians using iPatientCare EHR are qualified to receive Stimulus bonuses from Medicare and Medicaid. iPatientCare was one of the first ones to be certified by the CCHIT, retaining its product leadership within the healthcare IT industry.

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