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iPatientCareONC-ACB 2011/2012 certified complete EHRCCHIT Certified® 20119 TEPR Awards - Maximum awards won by any EHRTop Ranking EHR By Ac Group

Patient's Electronic Health Record over secure networks managed by patients!

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Patient Portal
Patient Portal - Medcomsys Trading to Brokerage Industry Many believe that the Enterprise Patient Portal will be to healthcare what on-line stock trading was to the brokerage industry. In fact, Patient Portal is not just a new way to interact with consumers, but a whole new model of business that brings new efficiencies to healthcare organizations, physicians, payers, and providers. Patients want their healthcare providers to offer them the same high level of service they get from their banks, bookstores, and brokerage houses. iPatientCare Patient Portal allows doctors' offices to offer their patients convenience and high level of service anywhere anytime – at their homes and while they wait in the waiting room.


  • Unprecedented access to personalized content, communication, and care
    Patients have unprecedented access to personalized communication, content, and care management tools because iPatientCare Patient Portal is independently hosted, and hence, patients have the ability to give all of their providers access to their health information in a highly secure, encrypted, password-protected environment. It supports CCR – Continuity of Care Record, the de-facto standard for “continuity of care”. The effective integration with “Instant Medical History TM ” from Primetime Medical Software Inc., enables doctors' offices to save their valuable time in getting pre-populated HPI, ROS, and PFSH based on answers from patients to questions generated by “clinically intelligent” decision-tree algorithm…
  • Pro-active and Improved Patient Care
    Utilizing iPatientCare Patient Portal, physicians are able to send qualified healthcare information and designated clinical results to their patients, with patients accessing interactive tools and content to become more involved in managing their own care. Using an ID and password, patients log on to their personal Web page to view their latest lab results, check medication lists, refill prescriptions, read advice from their doctors, complete condition-specific questionnaires and assessment tools, and follow links to customized, trusted information about their conditions. Patients also ask or answer questions via e-mail, schedule and review appointments, or pick up referrals to a specialist. By fully automating care management, physicians are able to deliver authorized educational material, disease-specific healthcare reminders, outcomes, and disease management assessment tools directly to the patient's desktop. Structured communication enhances physician and staff workflow along with patient satisfaction and quality of care.


iPatientCare EHR (Electronic health Records)

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