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iPatientCare ONC-ACB 2011/2012 certified complete EHRCCHIT Certified® 20119 TEPR Awards - Maximum awards won by any EHRTop Ranking EHR By Ac Group


 After a huge effort and a very much anticipated waiting period by our physicians we are going public with the iPatientCare Enterprise EHR Solution which despite its typical high cost its being offered to you with the same options (plus added functionality) price and features as Peak Practice. We couldn't communicate with you until we had a surefire option but now we do and you will be receiving more information this week about this incredible product which is being offered to you at less than half of the normal cost allowing us to fulfill our aims without our clients losing any functionality or incurring any additional expense. Again the prolonged quiet period was needed; though we appreciate many of our clients assisting us with product evaluations etc. and with everybody’s assistance we finally have what we know to be this incredible opportunity for everyone to get a great product at almost no cost. 

Those who were not full members of our step-up program will need to pay a reduced conversion fee 

This solution will fully qualify for ALL incentives and put the bulk of the up to 44,000/63,000.00 in government money and eRx and PQRI bonuses will REMAIN IN YOUR Pocket unlike most options out there. iPatientCare also has great features for the specialties and full Mobile, Ipad and Mac compatibility, and FREE for AutoMED clients only a FULL FLEDGED EHR, easily customized specialty templates, Full ARRA Certification, FULL Child Health certification and awards, and  a very similar workflow to Medinotes it will also give you the option of a built in PM (at an added expense payable to and supported by the vendor themselves) or the ability to remain with your current PM using x-link at a small fixed one-time cost and low ongoing cost.    

Our new product literature can be found here, please check this site regularly for continuous updates.

 iPatientCare EHR is fully certified as ONC-ATCB 2011/2012 complete EHR

Also note that for 2011 we are not charging for Medinotes maintenance though we are providing it at no cost in conjunction with iPatientCare which means that we will actually support both products for you at a low fixed monthly all-inclusive cost.

We am certain that our many months of efforts will be realized as you will see a value and quality not available with any other products, I can honestly say this after months and months of incredibly hard work by our team and looking at nearly 500 solutions. 

Sadly, Allscripts is offering an inferior product at a big expense which we cannot remain honest and recommend, so we have broken from Allscripts for 2011 and aside from Rx renewals are not going to be selling any Allscripts solutions though for those wanting an non-recommended Allscripts solution it will be made available via a partner of ours.

Feel free to call me personally with any questions, my direct number is 310-877-5924

Stay tuned for more exciting news to come.  

David P. Rimi









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