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iPatientCareONC-ACB 2011/2012 certified complete EHRCCHIT Certified® 20119 TEPR Awards - Maximum awards won by any EHRTop Ranking EHR By Ac Group


EHR for physicians' offices dedicated to improving patient care and streamlined collaborative workflow.

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  • An Enterprise Solution
    iPatientCare EHR provides a complete solution to medical practices of any size and specialty. It is highly modularized, yet tightly integrated for evolving a complete enterprise management solution. It integrates with any third-party solutions for appointment scheduling, billing and accounts receivables, clinical data repositories, lab information systems, radiology systems, and hospital information systems.
  • Streamlines Collaborative Workflow
    Hospitals and practices work with people and documents. iPatientCare EHR helps healthcare organizations to design and follow easy and customizable workflow, involving patient, providers, and payers. By providing an integrated information view, it enhances the collaboration among patient / employer, providers, and payers, resulting in increased revenues, decreased administrative overheads, and satisfied patients, employers, providers, and payers.
  • Highly Scalable and Easy to Use
    iPatientCare- EHR is the only software product today, which can be built as and when, and to whatever extent clinicians, administrators, and IT managers want! IT managers can decide to deploy either Palm or Pocket PC or Tablet PC or a combination of all three for providing mobility to caregivers, and integrate these mobile devices with the backend HIS / CDR applications. Medical practices can get up-to-date patient information using existing desktop machines within the enterprise, new Tablet PC's connected through Wireless LAN, and Web browsers on remote computers connected through secure Internet connection any time.
  • For the physicians, by the physicians
    iPatientCare EHR is a ground-up development of a new generation enterprise management tool, which is designed for the physicians, by the physicians. It implements proven clinical knowledge, makes patient information available at the point-of-care, reduces unnecessary paper-work, saves time wasted in chart-pulls, and allows capturing information only once and share that within the enterprise for increasing efficiency of processes.
  • Improves Billing Compliance
    iPatientCare EHR understands that documentation is the foundation of billing for clinical services. It facilitates capturing appropriate charge codes at the point-of-care, and thus, reduces the lag time between the care giving and charge posting, eliminates ambiguities resulting from incomplete charges and illegible billing cards, prevents write-offs resulting from missing referral and authorizations or exceeding filing limits, and reduces first-time claim rejections.
  • Addresses Hospitals ' and Practices' Needs
    Hospitals and medical practices need integration of clinical, administrative and financial applications utilizing existing IT infrastructure. iPatientCare EHR integrates with existing applications and utilizes hardware and networks already deployed through state-of-the-art middleware and Internet technologies.



iPatientCare EHR (Electronic health Records)

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