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Cost-effective EHR systems

The advancements in modern day technology have progressed the way companies conduct business. Many businesses are going online to sell things, offering informational websites, or even converting and storing electronic records. In America, it has been a slow start from converting paper medical records into electronic ones. However, in the last few years more hospitals, clinics, and other medical offices have been transitioning these paper records into electronic copies. These records are referred to as Electronic Health Records or EHR.

There are numerous EHR companies that can help convert these records and provide support and training. However, shopping for a company or system can be extremely difficult. Traditionally, choosing and purchasing a system is not a straightforward process. EHR systems are priced in an unusual way. If not properly researched, a system can issue many unnecessary costs. It is important to select an affordable EHR solution and by this you should invest in a system that is cost-effective, not initially cheap. The value of an EHR system comes through the processing and paying of the bills and records.

Research EHR companies

EHR vendors charge different amounts for different services related to the EHR products. It is important to thoroughly research and compare EHR companies and all of their prices relating to their products and services. Some issue a lower cost up front or at the initial purchase, but then higher prices for support. Do your homework and calculate the initial purchase price of a complete EHR system as well as the annual and five-year operating costs of the EHR system.

Here are some questions you should ask when considering purchasing one of the many EHR systems on the market:

  • What kind of support is included in the initial purchase price? On site, telephone, or email?
  • How long does this support last? When does this expire?
  • Charge monthly or annually for support?
  • Charge hourly or per-incident fees?
  • Provide training? How many people do you train? How long does this last and where does it occur?

Affordable EHR is cost-effective

It is important to remember that a lower initial cost does not mean that it going to be the best value. In order to select an EHR solution that is inexpensive, you should think of an affordable EHR plan. This system should be cost-effective from the time of purchase throughout the system's lifetime.


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