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Modern day technology calls for all businesses to take a look at their processes, systems, and overall ways they conduct and manage their business. The medical field is catching on to this practice of keeping electronic records. These records are known as EHR, electronic medical records. EHR solutions are secured electronic files of patient history, billing information, medical transcription notes, prescription history, and all other patient profile information.

Simplifying EHR technology

These files are able to be recorded, documented, stored, and retrieved in a quick and timely manner. Also because they are stored electronically, there is the capability to store larger quantities. Calling days in advance so your medical office has plenty of time to locate your file is a thing of the past. These records are better for both the medical service provider and the patient or consumer. These allow for more time with the patients and less time troubleshooting.

EMR technology is an electronic database of information that is also capable of managing records from multiple offices. This database also is able to store numerous types of records. Another great feature is the security provided by these systems and solutions. The records are stored with backup files in case of an emergency. In addition, these records can only be accessed by authorized users and may be downloaded directly onto a PDA or other handheld mobile or computer device. This allows a doctor to have access to patients files anywhere and at anytime in the case of an emergency.

These EHR solutions are both cost-effective and affordable. The combination of their efficiency and affordability allows for medical practices to save time and money. Many setup and overhead costs are eliminated and reduced to simple monthly usage fees. Also by having multiple offices simplified into a single database infrastructure, the office is able to save even more money and additional costs.
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