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Finding the ideal EHR solution

General electronic medical record systems and software are not always ideal for every practice. There are some medical practices or fields that specific EHR features are necessary. The pediatric area of specialty is one of those practices that need special attention. By switching to pediatric EHR software, your medical practice is able to excel and succeed in several additional ways. Offering a wide-range of solutions for pediatric medical offices, EHR solution is the answer for your office.

Pediatric EHR - customized for children

There are numerous benefits and features that set this specialized pediatric software system apart from others. With pediatric EHR, the vocabulary and terminology is included with the software and is industry specific. Another special feature is the ability to record a patient's growth and chart and calculate patterns. The physician is also able to compare the growth and body mass index to the normal range, which is based on ethnicity and even geography. With ability to easily update data, the doctor is able change data as often as possible to include any immunization data. Prescription software is included to ensure proper dosages and readability. With all of these features and customizable templates, this EHR technologies software is ideal for pediatricians.

Comprehensive EHR technologies and solutions

If you are looking for quick, accurate results and records, look no further than Medical Office Solutions. Our extensive EHR technologies offer a wide array of features, benefits, and necessities to the medical industry. We are able to help you determine which of our many products can be the perfect EHR solution for you. Whether you are looking for electronic claims processing, online practice management, patient statements, HIPAA services, remote backup, or other medical solutions, Medical Office Solutions has the customized answer for you.


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