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Medical Office Solutions is your one-stop source for affordable practice management systems. As your complete electronic health records, EHR, consulting company, we are able to provide you with all of the necessary products, services, support, training, and implementation of your practice management system. With a complete line of EHR solutions, we are able to help you match the comprehensive plan to your practice and office.

EHR solutions and products

Choose from our wide array for products to determine how to grow and operate your business to the fullest extent.

Some of our best and featured products and EHR solutions include:

  • Lytec medical billing software - leading Windows-based solution for practice management software
  • iPatientCare software system - proven affordable and effective management system
  • eScan - Paper Chart scanning software program to increase productivity instantly
  • BillFlash - professionally produces patient statements in an effective and timely manner
  • ApptBox - communication appliance and software application used to notify and confirm appointments
  • X-Link - used as a seamless integration between EHR systems and practice management systems
  • e-Prescribe - electronic prescription writing solution

Lytec medical billing software

At Medical Office Solutions, we specialize in quality and affordable practice management systems. Our staff is comprised of highly trained professionals that can assist you in EHR consulting. Our extensive line of products and services allows us to be an excellent vendor for management systems and software. With a comprehensive selection of EHR systems, healthcare professionals are able to choose their ideal system for their practice.

One of the most popular choices in electronic medical records and management systems is Lytec medical billing software. This industry leading software offers customizable templates and is an affordable and cost-effective office solution. By choosing Lytec software, a physician is able to better manage his or her time and patients. With a built-in backup system and auto logoff, patients' records are protected. This secure, reliable software system is an efficient solution to running any office, practice, or business.

Medical Office Solutions invites you to read articles on our different products, services, and special features.


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